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We who have created the Indigo 3000 have lived with cars since our legs were long enough to reach the pedals. We have developed and built cars. We have driven and raced cars. We have had a dream during all our years in the car industry and on the race track. Our dream was to build a car that combines the enjoyment of driving a sports car with the contemporary demands for comfort, safety and environmental care. We wanted to build an affordable car you can personalise with your own dreams in mind.

The dream has come true!
Indigo 3000 is a two-seated roadster. Classic, but still modern in design and choice of materials. Furthermore built according to the latest safety thinking. Technically advanced and based upon well proven components with service accessible in workshops all over the world - at reasonable cost. A potent sports car and at the same time a comfortable car for long drives with ample room for luggage. A car that can be built entirely according to your wishes, thanks to availability of an unusual number of options!

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